Less Stress

My wife tends to inadvertently hide things with my 2 year old. Because of this she has set forth on a life long journey of searching for what she needs in our home. The most pressing issue is finding her keys. I have seen her take laps around our house when she is running late hunting feverishly for them only to come up empty. To solve this bitter problem I turned to Tile.

Tile is as it describes a finder for anything and man does it make my life easier. Not only does it help my wife find her keys, by playing a jingle when she hits the search button, but if she lost her keys outside of our home there is an option for Tile to relay its location to other Tile devices.

It gives me peace of mind that if there is an emergency and my wife doesn't know where her keys are she will retrieve them literally in seconds. Tile also means that my wife will have one less thing to make her run late. I think my daughter and I make her late enough. Sorry Beth, love you.

Do you have something that helps? Do you know of something that makes life a little easier? Let us know and share your tip.