Mirror Mirror on my Wall

How nice would it be to watch what is on your tiny phone screen on your big screen TV? Or how about turning your dumb TV into a smart one for less than a trip for two to the movies? That option is a reality with the Google Chromecast Media Player. 

For $34.94 you can stream YouTube, Netflix, Hulu, HBO Go, Pandora and a number of other streaming sites right to your dumb TV. You use your phone or tablet as the remote and over WiFi you stream your favorite shows to your big screen.

There have been countless times when I have had my friends over and wanted to show them a video on YouTube, but they couldn't all watch it on my phone so with the push of a button it streams to my TV. Then instead of slowly selecting letter by letter on a directional pad from my TV remote I have a full keyboard to type my next search in YouTube.    

There have also been times where I wanted my phone to play music from Pandora on my TV surround sound, but I wanted to keep the phone in my hand. Now, there's no reason I have to leave my phone plugged in to my TV. I can move freely about my house and hear the rich sweet sound of Pandora through my speakers.

For the price and functionality of this smart device you will be hard pressed to find a challenger. 

Do you use a mobile streaming device? Can you think of something that makes your life easier? Leave a comment below and share it with the rest of us.