Couch Hero

My wife can attest to how much I despise shopping. About two minutes into any shopping trip, whether it's grocery shopping or mall shopping, I start talking about leaving. Maybe it's because I mentally check out? I do tend to let my mind wander... no that's not it.

What were we talking about? Shopping. I hate it. What I don't hate is sitting on my couch listening to a podcast, snacks at arms length, and flipping through endless pages of products on Amazon.

What's the difference?

#1. I hate walking. I tend to be lazy and Amazon caters to that side of me.  Whatever I order including 50 pounds of dog food is brought right to my doorstep. 

#2. Easy access. Amazon never sleeps. I literally wake up in the middle of the night and remember random things that I forgot to get like guitar strings or a car door handle and with a swipe of my finger it's taken care of. 

#3. Storage. I am an avid photographer and on top of the amazing features of Amazon Prime they allow unlimited storage of photos which is a big deal to me because I have over a terabyte of pics and it was getting costly to store them.  

Prime has made my life easier in so many ways it's hard to mention them all. From the free Lending Library selections, to the free Amazon Video, to the 2 day free shipping on millions of products I am completely hooked. For $99 there is no other service that comes close. 

If you would like to try Amazon Prime for free for 30 days then click the Amazon link above or below. You will be glad you did.