Dramatic Objects

Batteries are the most dramatic objects. Other things stop working or they break, but batteries they die. -Demetri Martin Comedian

I go through a ton of batteries and it gets old not having them on hand. I've gone the generic route of bulk batteries, but on a high draw power source like my photography speed lights they literally only lasted for one flash and died. Then I found out about the legend of "eneloop."

Eneloop's are the saving grace in the rechargeable battery world. I've owned the horrid old school rechargeable batteries and they were as bad as the bulk generic brand. They would either overcharge and fry the batteries or they would not hold enough of a charge. 

These Eneloop's have been going strong since I ordered my first batch in 2012. I have since ordered dozens of them and they all work great. My wife has even put a number of them through the washer and when I dry them off they keep going strong. 

Now I also suggest to get the most out of these batteries that you get a smart charger to go with them like the one I have: 

When you pair that charger with these batteries it is an endless supply of batteries. The Photographers, Videographers, and Tech guys that I know swear by them. 

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