Getting Safe

I do not own many things that are waterproof, fireproof, and cost less than $35. However this small personal safe from First Alert fits that description. 

(Amazon Prime is currently out of Stock so it's more expensive) I have tried a few different styles of personal safes and this one is my favorite. When you clamp down the latch you feel the assuring snap of the airtight seal. In fact, the case is so tight First Alert recommends that you open it every once in a while to let it air out. The case also feels incredibly dense and rugged. If I had to I could probably use it as an anvil to forge metal on. If you are in a bind you could also use it as a boat anchor.

Now, I don't hide my most sacred treasures in this little guy, but it is a great place for some extra cash and copies of important documents. Instead of using a safe deposit box at a bank that is only open on weekdays I decided to buy a couple of these. Some safe deposit prices start at $20 a month and at that rate I can buy eight of these a year. So I made some copies of personal documents and store one of these with a close family member. That way, God forbid, all of my at home documents are sucked up by a tornado I still have copies a phone call away. 

There is another brand that I tried, Sentry, that is a bit more expensive and doesn't seem as rugged. It comes in at $43 and is roughly the same size. The build seems solid, but the latch does not seem as airtight. I know that the rubber seal does fit together when it is closed, but it just doesn't seem as secure as the First Alert Safe. 

What about you? Do you have a product that you rely on? Share it in the comments below.