Back Me Up

I cannot keep up with storage. Somehow I have used over 6 Terabytes of storage and backups. One of the backups that I'm really happy about having is the WD My Book Duo RAID Storage.  


If you heard RAID and thought what? I was there about a year ago, but with digital storage becoming more and more critical I decided to read up on it. There are many ways that you can go to add redundancy to your hard drive backups, but the way I decided to go was RAID. Essentially, RAID adds a built in level of back up within your backup which is really smart. So if one of your hard drives fail you can swap it out and the other hard drives rebuild the lost data for you. 

I can go in to a much more detailed discussion of types of RAID systems and versions of them, or I can just tell you that this WD My Book Duo RAID Storage does the trick for me and I'm about to buy another one.