Expensive Coffee

I have nothing against coffee lovers, but...I hate coffee. Let me explain why.

My wife's whole family loves coffee. My whole family loves coffee. Most of the people I know love coffee, but I cannot understand why. Growing up I always enjoyed waking up to the familiar smell, but I did not drink the disgusting liquid until last year. I work two jobs and I'm trying to help my wife raise our 2 year old. Every other day I need a little help to stay awake. I did energy drinks for a while and used 5 hour energy, but they all seem to have a drastic crashing effect and cost too much. So far coffee has been the cheapest option I have found for caffeine and with the least amount of energy crash.

Now, I make more of a milkshake out of my coffee because all coffee flavor tastes like I'm drinking from a muddy puddle of dirt water. Consequently there is no point in me buying a $5 cup of an exclusive blend that makes me have to poop like a laxative. I am happy with the cheap stuff. Then there's my wife. She likes trying different flavor profiles, and getting the high end refined palette taste. She realized that she could spend too much money on this so she has settled on having a variety of flavors at home with a Keurig

Then I read an article online about how much a Keurig cup of coffee costs vs a coffee pot's cup of coffee and I got a bit offended. Later my wife benevolently pointed out that she has an ekobrew, filter that would match the price of making a cup of coffee with a coffee pot and still only brew a single serving. She also pointed out that the Kcup flavors she gets are cheaper than buying a plain cup of coffee at Starbucks. Eureka!

Now I happily brew my single cup of cheap coffee and have regular bowel movements. Thank you Ekobrew.