Tiny Storage

We are now in the era of micro technologies and that includes Micro SD's. The Micro SD that I use for my GoPro Hero+LCD is the Sandisk Ultra 32G Micro SD and it's a winner. 

This little guy is the perfect balance between capacity, performance, availability, and price point. I originally bought a 16GB version and found out that the 16GB Micro SD card fills up just a little bit too fast for my GoPro. The full size 16GB SD cards are what I use in my two Canon 60D's which give me just under 500 full resolution RAW files. This is more than enough to handle 90% of what I do and if I run out of room I can just swap to a new one. I prefer this because it gives me another layer of redundancy and peace of mind, but with video the 16GB Micro SD is just not enough. 

With this 32 GB Micro SD I can run my GoPro battery all the way out and still have room on the card left. This gives me over 90 mins of 1080P at 60FPS. Sandisk makes this version of the Micro SD all the way up to 128GB if you need that amount of storage in this tiny frame. The 32GB version goes for only $12.99 on Amazon which is a steal. If you look at the user reviews for this product there are over 12,000 and they give it almost 5 stars.  

If you are looking for a well priced reliable Micro SD then look no further. Your answer is right here. 

What about you? Is there a product that you won't go without? Tell us about it in the comments so we can use it too.