As a mom, I say, Robeez are the best crib shoes for the beginner walkers on the market.

As an infant, and even now as a two year old, my daughter Bella has very pudgy feet, cute to say the least. However, it was a real challenge when it came to putting shoes on those little piggies. One day as I was describing my problem to a friend they recommended Robeez to me. I immediately went and bought a pair. To my joy they slipped on her feet with great ease, furthermore they remained on her feet and left no rub marks.

Then a few months later, when she began to walk, they remained the perfect shoe. because of the soft leather bottoms, of the shoe, she was able to feel the ground as if she was walking barefoot, yet they offered protection from rough objects and kept her foot clean. The design of the shoe leaves her foot plenty of room to explore and grow. Also I never had to worry that they would trip her up or leave a blister.

There are several similar brands on the market. However, I choose Robeez because I can trust their quality of leather and variety of style. My tip is if you are looking for a crib shoe or first walking shoe, look no further pic Robeez!