Wireless Keys

Wires are for the birds. I have no fondness of wired technology and at times I feel like a marionette. One of my steps to breaking free of my wired cage is the $9 Kensington Bluetooth Keyboard. 

$9.00 Kensington Key Cover Plus Hardcase

This keyboard is a nice addition to my toolkit. It doubles as a hard case for my iPad Air and when I don't feel like dealing with the touch screen keyboard this is a welcome full size keyboard. Now there is also the option for me to use a regular laptop, but I don't take my laptop with me everywhere like I do with my iPad. I tend to carry too many things in my backpack as it is so the less to carry the better. 

Now, there is nothing wrong with the touch screen keyboard and for the record I have used it to type out full articles and sermons. Even though the screen is fully capable of typing I prefer to use a full keyboard. The sound and feel of the click clack on the keys has always been reassuring and you just don't get that from the touch screen. 

The backlit keyboard is also very nice. You can change the colors and brightness of the keys depending on your mood or if it is distracting you can turn it off. There are also other shortcuts that can help if you like keyboard shortcuts. The edges of the keyboard are raised and have an akward feel to them, but I don't really notice it anymore. All in all you cannot beat the sale price of $9.00 on Amazon

At home I also use the Apple Wireless Keyboard with my Mac Mini Desktop. For my PC I used a Logitech Infared Wireless Keyboard that I wouldn't recommend. Logitech makes some great wireless options for the desktop like the MK270, but the one I had was annoying. My Mother in Law uses a ZAGG Keyboard Case that she really loves and I have considered getting one of those for my other iPad as well. 

What about you? Do you have a product or device that you can't do without? Tell us about it in the comments below.