Pocket Size Video

If you need a hero then look no further. The GoPro Hero+LCD is a solid choice.

GoPro HERO+ LCD (Wi-Fi Enabled)
GoPro Camera

There are so many good things that can be said about the GoPro cameras that it would be hard to fit all in one review. For those of you looking for a more in depth review you can find one I did here:GoPro Review. For the less avid readers I will simplify my review.

This camera is tiny enough to toss in my pocket and rugged enough to handle the constant drops and rough usage I put it through. The touch screen enables playback and minor editing in camera. There are a host of options for mounting this GoPro virtually anywhere and it is light enough to stay put wherever it goes. For the water lovers this camera can go down 100 feet with no fuss. You can also use the app on your iOS or Android as a remote and preview screen.

The GoPro Hero + LCD is my choice for an action camera and I think it should be yours too. To see the limitations of this camera check out my full review here: GoPro Review.

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