Listen Up Sennheiser HD 201

I Podcast on iTunes so I need a pair of headphones that will work long hours and work well.

Sennheiser HD 201 $23.29

Like anyone else I have tried many different styles of headphones. I still have about 4 different pairs other than these. I've used Yamaha, Sony, AKG, Beats, Audio Technica, and a few off brands. These headphones are excellent for the budget minded user. At $23 they're really hard to beat. The foam around the earpiece is comfortable and suitable for those long sessions and the 10 foot cord is awesome. The other brands of headphones lack a long cord, but not these guys. In fact I liked these so much I bought another pair for my co host on the podcast and talked another host into buying them as well. Sennheiser makes quality gear and these are no exception. You can see me wearing them here on the far left and this was my trial run. By the next weeks episode we had 3 pairs.