Power It Up Behringer iNuke 1000

Behringer has made my life easier. This little power house amp is lightweight and loud. 


I have bought two of these now. I only recommend things that I use and this power amp is something that I'm currently cranking. I bought one for my Ampeg Full Stack Bass cab. The low end that this delivers is boomy and bumping. All the rich and smooth sound you could want. I'm also running the iNuke NU3000 through our church JBL house speakers and I can't even turn it up a quarter of the way before some of the older ears start to complain. I also have an older model Behringer Power amp that is 2400 watts and it is just too heavy to lug around. These newer model iNuke series are about 70% lighter and seem to run cooler as well. I'm very satisfied with the sound and volume that they produce and would recommend it to the weekend warrior that is shouldering the weight of his gear on a regular basis.