it's Game Time! Dual Shock 4

When life or death is in your hands choose the PS4 Dual Shock 4. 

Playstation has continued to evolve the ergonomics of their controllers over time. The latest model is my favorite by far. It just feels right. The controller is responsive and the joysticks have a nice beveled edge to grip with. The R and L buttons also seem like they have shortened the button stroke and the added mini speaker is a fun bonus. The touch pad hasn't been of much use to me yet, but it seems like a useful tool. I've used after market controllers before and they have fallen very short of these name brand ones and I no longer even consider them. I like the Urban Camo pattern just because it looks cool, but so does the original plain black. I have never enjoyed the $50 price tag of these controllers, but they are a gateway to a lot of fun so I eventually dish it out. In the end my friends and family appreciate my digital investments.