Spare the Rod Shimano FXC 2 Piece

I literally work on the water and I see Redfish, Gar, Flounder, Stingray, Black Tip Sharks, and Trout every day. This 2 piece rod gives me a chance to reel them in while I'm waiting for my next orders. 

If you're an outdoors enthusiast like me you enjoy having the chance to sit out in nature. I work on the coast anchoring large crude oil tanker ships, and barges everyday. As I'm out on the water I am constantly fighting the urge to fish. Of course I can't fish during a job or on work property, but I also can't drive all the way back home to gear up and make it back in time. Because of this I pack this break down rod and an Abu Garcia reel with 15lb monofilament tucked away in my trunk. It is perfect for the down time I have in between orders and I've reeled in a couple of large drums with it as well. The Black Drum in this picture was over 40 inches and my shoe size is 13.