25 Gifts under $25 Men's Gift Ideas

If you have a man in your life that you haven't gotten a gift for yet let me help you with a few ideas.

I’m an outdoor enthusiast that enjoys hunting, fishing, camping, and sports. I’m also an indoor enthusiast of electronics, gaming, music, and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Here are a few gift ideas and price points that might help you find the right gift for Mr. Right. 

I have personally used and enjoyed each of these items and the best part is you can order all of these from your couch. They are all on Amazon and are all Prime Eligible. There are a couple of items in the $10 category that are add on items, but they all qualify. 

$10 or less

  1. Martin Guitar Strings
  2. Ernie Ball Guitar Strap
  3. Hosa Guitar cable
  4. Vic Firth Drum Sticks 

  5. Splatter Shooting Target 

  6. Gulp Shrimp Fishing Lure 

  7. Shard Keychain Tool 

  8. Hausbell 7W Cree Flashlight 

  9. Fishing Rod Measuring Tape 

  10. Rayovac Headlamp 

  11. Dewalt Bit Set 

  12. Guitar Wall Mount 

  13. Football Playing Cards

$25 or Less

  1. Poker Chip Set 
  2. Energizer Vision LED Headlamp 

  3. Sennheiser Headphones

  4. Leatharman Micra Keychain Tool 

  5. Uncle Henry Folding Knife 

  6. Tile Key Finder 

  7. Polanfo External Battery 

  8. Nintendo Pocket Game Emulator 

  9. 2 Piece Collapsible Fishing Rod 

  10. Novelty Print T-Shirt 

  11. Favorite Team Parking Sign

  12. Box of Paintballs

All of these items have worked well for me and given me countless hours of delight. If you didn't find something specific to your Mr. Right then check the rest of my blog and I hope you find something else that will do.