Canon 70D Firepower

There are many reasons to learn photography, but mine was my 1 year old daughter on her first birthday. 

The 70D is incredible. The reason I decided on this DSLR is the solid 20.2 Megapixels, the incredible touch to focus touch screen, and the ability to auto track focus.

For content creators setting up cameras to video, staging a location, and manually focusing a very tiny focal depth is a recipe for disaster. I have had to film and refilm on countless occasions and this amounts to stress and loss of time. Canon has done an incredible job removing the human error of focal length by providing a very accurate auto tracking feature. Now all I have to do is set up my camera, step into frame and hit record. The camera takes care of the rest. 

The still images that this camera takes are excellent on their own and are on par with Canon's history of photographic excellence. For those of you looking for an excellent DSLR to fit a budget this is a solid choice.  Here is a video that I shot using the 70D.