Gameness PS4

If you're into gaming then the PS4 must be experienced. 

I bought the PS4 for my wife because she love the game Little Big Planet and the newest version came out on PS4. After some reluctance to play video games again I gave in and now I've time traveled to the days of my youth. 

The PS4 has some great features that you are sure to enjoy, but my favorite is the chance to sit next to my wife and enjoy conquering new worlds and bad guys. Now, I also enjoy Call of Duty and let's be clear my wife does not. Even so the youth at of our church do and sitting together with them and bonding over a game is a timeless tradition that I will pass on to my children. 

If you aren't into this type of gameplay there are plenty of other options out there for you, but for my wife and I this is a past time we will enjoy for a long time to come.