Broken Strings

For months I was in a constant battle with my guitar strings breaking, but I think I found the perfect balance.

I used to only use Extra Light Acoustic guitar strings because they would allow me to play longer with less fatigue. Then I ran into the problem of breaking them on a weekly basis. I thought no problem I will move to Medium strings and no longer have to worry about breaking strings. When I moved to the medium strings my Dunlop Medium Light picks kept breaking so I moved up to Dunlop Medium picks. Then the trouble began again. I started breaking strings on a weekly basis. Back to the drawing board I went and moved back down to Martin Light strings as a half measure. I noticed that I was still breaking strings, but it was now only occuring every 2 or 3 weeks. Then I moved back to my Dunlop Medium Light picks and found the perfect balance. My strings will last about a month at a time now and by then I want to buy new ones to brighten the sound and increase the tonal projection. They are still at the right price point for me and I am happier buying new strings about once a month vs buying the Elixirs that cost twice as much for a comparable tone. If I bought Elixirs I would still break them at about a month and have to replace them on my primary and secondary guitar, It is not out of the realm of my price point, but it's just a bit more cost than benefit for me. Plus if I had Elixirs on my two guitars and two packs as back ups it's more cash out of pocket for me than I care for. Even though I make a salary as a musician I still have other bills to pay that I would rather spend on. In the end the Martin Phosphorus Bronze Light Acoustic Guitar strings are the perfect balance between cost, playability, tone, and longevity that I need.

On the other hand when it comes to electric guitar I go with Dadarrio .9's 

These strings have done me well over the years. The Super Light's provide a canvas for hours of use with little fatigue on your fingers. As electric strings go they have always been well priced and I enjoy the tone and feel they were made for. I have used them to lead Sunday Morning church services and Friday night Metal concerts. They have held up to the strain that I have put them through and I will probably use them as long as they are made.