Trufuel for Old Schools

If you have ever used a 2 stroke tool for yard work pay attention. You need TruFuel.

Make no mistake this little bottle will be worth the cost twice over. If you have ever mixed gas and oil for a weed eater or leaf blower you know how hard it can be to crank one up. I have never had an easier time of starting up my 2 stroke engines than with Trufuel. My foreman told me to give it a try and I haven't used anything else since. My chainsaw starts up on the first or second pull no matter how long it has been sitting. My Foreman told me that he can let his weedeater sit all winter and when spring rolls around it will still start on second pull. This price tag is for a pack of 6 bottles and it's easer to order it from Amazon than drive down the road to pick it up. If you are tired of wearing out your back trying to get these small engines to turn over this is the solution.