Podcasting on iTunes

There are about a million different podcasts on iTunes, and my podcast is among them.

There are a host of tools that I use for The Ministry Podcast, but chief among them is my digital audio recorder. You shouldn't have a podcast without decent audio and the Zoom H4n gives delivers quality audio and pro features at a great price point. The condenser microphone that it has works great on its own and I use this feature to record audio when I'm in a hurry. My podcast set up includes multiple microphones going into a mixer and outputting into the two XLR jacks on the H4n. These jacks are equipped to accept both XLR or 1/4 inch instrument cables which is a great feature. I have used both and the audio quality is excellent from either input. You can hook up two microphones without a mixer directly to the H4n and I have done this on multiple occasions, but I would recommend using a mixer to give more headroom with the gain control. Overall the ZOOM H4n is a quality product and for $159 cannot be beat.